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Hello again, just a quick post before we leave brisbane and head north for a wee place called Noosa Heads and Fraser Island. We’re going to Steve Irwin’s zoo on the way up so should get some cool photees of Craig hugging a Koala!

- where are all the people in brisbane? (the streets are dead and it’s the weekend)
- I still don’t have a tan (feckin rain)
- the sun has finally returned today – hurrah!!

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Well that kind of sums it up, went to port mcquarrie which was really nice place, not too touristy, and another beautiful beach. Went up the coast to Byron Bay, really nice place, if we could buy a cafe / bar and settle down wi the surf board in the back of the jeep then this is the place. A bit touristy but if you’re running a bar / cafe thats no bad thing.

We went on a wee excursion there – snorkeling trip off the coast a wee bit off a tiny wee outcrop of rock. Before we get in the water the guy goes “right, you’ll be in for about 50 mins or so” WTF! I’m there thinking the only exercise I have had in the past few years is walking to the shop to buy fags, how the fook am I going to last 50 minutes in the water? As it turned out the wet suits kept you up, and as soon as we got in a HUGE turtle starts chompin on some rocks beneath us, it all went pretty quickly.

We had a good walk around Byron Bay and would def recommend it, really chilled place. STILL BLOODY RAINING THO!!!

In Brisbane now, still feckin raining, we were talking to a guy in a bar tonight that works for the water board here, he was threatening to keep us here as we seem to be dragging the clouds with us, all the ozzies are out in the rain going;

“aint it great mate?”
“Aye. Feckin marvelous.”

Surfers paradise is shit. End of. I have never seen so many hotels in such a small place.

Brisbane we have decided is a bit on the bland side, its hard to get a feel for a place in such a short bit of time, and we have met some really nice, genuine folk, but it doesnt seem to have the same kind of buzz we felt in Melbourne, so we are heading off tomorrow up the gold coast and up to Noosa. Anyho, there are germans standing over me at the free pc in the hotel so auf wedersane (sp?) So we shall post soon.

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