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The worst bloody drought Australia has had in years, everywhere you look there is a water shortage scale here saying to take shorter showers etc. – like a ‘def con 5′ kinda thing. We turn up and PISH! – the skies open, its like a bad movie where they’ve used a crap rain machine, you’re watching going “there’s no way that rain is real”. Well it is. We are trying not to let it taint our impression of Sydney bit its a toughie.

Sydney is a wierd one, the harbour is amazing, the ferries coming in and out, the bridge and of course the opera house. We stayed in the city for a night and then Manly for another night. Manly is cool, nice beach and you can catch the jetcat or ferry to the city in the morning to work (very nice wee commute – 15 mins). Suzanne got some vouchers for a meal in Guillaume at Bennelong. A very swanky resteraunt in the opera house. Absalutely amazing food (although everything that suzanne got I wanted) your view is the harbour bridge, and at the time we had sheet lightning in the sky as well so there was a wee bit of atmosphere! A great place to go.

After a couple of days we cant wait to get back out in the van again and find a wee beach somewhere to chill, one of the problems we didnt really forsee with the campervan is where to put it in a city when you are in a hotel as it is 2.8m high, and all secure car parks are never over 2m, so it can be a bit of a worry.

Anywho, next stop port macquarry.

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