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We get to heathrow after a couple of days at Euan n Lauras in reading, buzzin at the prospect of it all finally starting. Suzanne checks with the girl at th singapore desk if we need to stand in the ‘pissed off’ queue that was already pretty long 3 hrs before take off. The girl says yup, all passengers need to be in this line. After about 15-20 mins we get to the start of the queue and it is then and only then we realise that the 2 desks with NOBODY at is the one we could have walked straight up to and got on. Well hey, you live n learn, until we went into the food court, waited another 20 mins in a queue for a starbucks toastie, walked into the smoking room which they’ve obviously given up cleaning / servicing the filters with the new law coming in, only to realise there is a beautifull all you can eat / drink / smoke (in a room you can see you’re feet in) in the business lounge!

Anywho, the flight was the best we’ve ever been on, big flat bed/seats, actuallly slept most of the way, singapore airport was off the plane and in a taxi in 15 mins, to the hotel where they upgraded us for some unknown reason (couldnt quite understand her, but hey, I understood ‘upgrade’) so we now have a dining room and a ‘guest’ toilet!! WTF do you need a guest toilet for?

here is a view of singapore from bedroom

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Well, you can but hope…

Mick’s site has finally gone live, its been a long time in the making (Mick’s company isnt called Various by accident, only kiddin Mick) but I think it has been worth it, its got to be my favorite so far I think, have a wee look see if you want here. If you find anything wrong with it keep it to yersel!

Also Isodesigns website went live, look here to view. Iso are a talented bunch of guys and a great laugh with it.

So. Suzannes cleaning the house for the last time, I am hiding away pretending to work and puting off packing me case. All feels a bit weird, trying to write this without feeling too self consious about sounding like a pretentious twat, but hey, I am sure that there are plenty of people that will tell me I do whatever goes up here – (cameron, kev, chris etc) I’ll just edit them away anyway.

We leave Edinburger tomorrow on our wee mini tour of the west coast, round the houses saying our drunken goodbyes. I suppose it will sink in when we get on the plane and start pissing ourselves laughing at everyone else in business class who didnt have a wife with enough air miles and paid full fare (mind you if you have a spare 9 1/2 grand to buy it in the first place I dont think you would mind too much! They will when they realise they’re siting next to us tho!)

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Well, its finally here! Me n Suz’s ramblings on our travels to Oz!

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