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In New Zealand now, sitting in andrew and Janice’s hoose up on the hill (post and pics to follow) finally caught up on some sleep and seem to be in a bit of a routine now.

Malasia was feckin great! There is very few places we have been in and thought “I want to live here” but Kuala Lumpur is definately one of them. Met up with rodney and michelle (and wee wallace) in Malacca (Melaka), we got a taxi courtesy of mr wong the driver from singapore which took over 3 hours and cost about £60, try getting that deal in edinburgh! stayed a night in malacca with rod n michelle, got some quality local food an then off to KL the next day.

Checked into the shangri-la hotel, 5 star for 50 bar, canny beat it, excellent hotel. The main thing about malaysia that made it so cool is the people, everyone is out to make sure you have a good time, even the immigration geezers are waiving you away in the car as you pass through, none of this “mascarra is a possible bomb threat madam” (that was to suzanne by the way)

The four of us (rod, michelle, me n suz) went out on the town in KL, big open air bars with african bands, bit mental but added to the buzz. We went to a new bar where japanese guys were continuosly pouring whiskey into our glasses, not taking no for an answer, I had a vodka n coke and no matter how many times I tried to explain to them they still smiled and offered more 12 yr old malt….who was I to go against international relations?

After many many drinks and some ’special cocktail’ that almost set us and the bar on fire we went back to the shangri-la and the patient baby sitter (about 4 am) to sit and blether pish till michelles eyes started to roll into her head.

Had a wander round the next day trying to get the hangover burned out by the humidity, rodger took us to a nice local resteraunt to get some hangover buster food, well almost, when we walked into a mall and then straight into deli-france I realised that the only dim sum was rodger adding up the bill (sorry rodney but you asked for it!)

Next day rodger drove us back to malacca in a 6 hour traffic jam from KL all the way up to malacca with poor wee wallace puking up every hour to remind us just how long we had been in the car for! He is a wee star tho.

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We get to heathrow after a couple of days at Euan n Lauras in reading, buzzin at the prospect of it all finally starting. Suzanne checks with the girl at th singapore desk if we need to stand in the ‘pissed off’ queue that was already pretty long 3 hrs before take off. The girl says yup, all passengers need to be in this line. After about 15-20 mins we get to the start of the queue and it is then and only then we realise that the 2 desks with NOBODY at is the one we could have walked straight up to and got on. Well hey, you live n learn, until we went into the food court, waited another 20 mins in a queue for a starbucks toastie, walked into the smoking room which they’ve obviously given up cleaning / servicing the filters with the new law coming in, only to realise there is a beautifull all you can eat / drink / smoke (in a room you can see you’re feet in) in the business lounge!

Anywho, the flight was the best we’ve ever been on, big flat bed/seats, actuallly slept most of the way, singapore airport was off the plane and in a taxi in 15 mins, to the hotel where they upgraded us for some unknown reason (couldnt quite understand her, but hey, I understood ‘upgrade’) so we now have a dining room and a ‘guest’ toilet!! WTF do you need a guest toilet for?

here is a view of singapore from bedroom

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