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Table – Its alive!!

It took weeks, money, tears and an entire cow hide, but it’s finally finished.

It’s home and I am waiting for the first spill or scratch.


Table – 2nd last day

So, the outer veneer is now on, Jason gave me a great help to glue and place it on the frame. Next week it will be trimmed and maybes a start on the wax/varnish/watever wee Charlie protection is chosen. But I have to take it home as the class is finally over. John – the instructor – has given us a few extra weeks, but all good things come to an end.

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Table day 7 +

Finally glued the skin on and the veneer, cut one side of the veneer and will cut the other next week and hopefully get the top veneer on and cut. Getting there!

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Table day 6

Things are movin on, got the skin put on the frame, just got to trim and fill in the edges, then the walnut veneer goes on the whole thing.

I’m begining to worry that I haven’t bought enough veneer. I’ll soon find out I suppose.

Here’s some pics, one with Luke – one of the guys on the course – with a look that can only be described as pure awe.

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Table day 5

Table is getting there, finished off the frame and started to wrap the flexiply around the inside. Next week finish off the inside and wrap more arournd the outside.

Time is pushing on, only 3 more classes to go.

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Table days 2-4

Here is the story so far on the table. I am finishing off the frame, over which I will stretch some stuff called flexiply (the guys at plyco in Fairfield sorted that out) and then over that will be a large sheet of thin american walnut.

Wait n see, here’s some pics so far.

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Xmas in July

Xmas in July is a weird aussie thang where the cold weather means it must be Xmas.

Now ordinarily I would balk at the idea of celebrating another religious holiday ( without the day off work). But it’s a great excuse to get together with some mates and have another Xmas dinner!

Adelina cooked a fantastic meal and had a great day eating, drinking and talking about important yet utterly meaningless stuff.

Good times!

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Look out chippendale

No, not the 90’s all male dance troop, but the carpenter of the same name.

Today I started my furniture making course, showed the teacher my plans and it is possible after all!

Really looking forward to getting this table made, not just cos the ikea mess that it will replace is such that you walk past it and it almost collapses from the draft.

Setting myself up here but hopefully I will be brave (read ‘drunk’) enough every saturday to post a picture of the progress.

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Suz got a spray tan

Here’s a few pics of random things lying around my desk that will give you an idea of what we are facing here.

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Well we are anywho.

Its been a while eh? How you doin? Good stuff.

Right meet n greet over n done with, whets been going on in the world of us? We are both still working away at our respective jobs, I think we have really settled in. Loving Melbourne. It is a great place to live, not so good if you are trying to loose weight (or just not put any more on!) there are more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Oz, and we are right in the heart of them all. mmmmmm japanese food is tooooo goooood.

We have met some really cool people – some through work and some through the friends of friends thang – all adding to the mix and making it a great laugh. The Weather helps now we have our first summer since 06!

Rodger, Michelle and wee Wallace are coming over next week, we have hired a couple of camper vans and we’re off from Melbourne to Adelaide from the 22nd to the 30th Dec. Xmas day on the beach – santa hat, surf, shrimp on the barbie n sun block! I cannot get my head around the whole summer xmas thang. I think the body clock has a real seasonal glitch to over, forget your jet lag, this is a severe case of season lag! I can look at the calendar at work and think “shit, I really need to get some xmas shopping done” but as soon as I look away from the date and out the window, or at my shorts that I am wearing to work that day (yeah, SHORTS AT WORK! HELLO) my brain cannot compute the whole, ‘its xmas’ thing.

Another thing about season lag (if anyone reads this), you know when it comes up to winter and your body puts on that wee bit extra weight? you know what I mean – winter fat. Well my body – still thinking its winter – is going through its usual ‘fatten up for the cold’ bit. Well that’s my excuse anyway. What happens when winter does hit? No more photos of Craig, that’s what.

Anywho, enough for now. I wont leave you with the usual morning after throw away phrase of ‘I’ll keep in touch’, instead lets just see how it goes. I’ll def put up some pictures of Rodney’s visit and new year but will be prob in Jan.

Merry xmas n aw that! I’ll leave you with a pic of a quiet night out with friends


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