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New Zealand

Well, we are now in melbourne, finally in Oz but thats for another post.

Spent 12 days in NZ, spent a day and night in Christchurch that I slept through, pretty quiet place and bloody small, suzanne walked round it in an afternoon (pics on the flickr link).

Made our way up to Nelson at the top of the south island to see Andy, Jan and wee archie. Had a great time there chilling, eating, drinking and catching up. Nelson is a crackin place and bridgys (I cant call him andy) view from their house is amazing (see pics on flickr) looking over the nelson area to the mountains in the west, all the way up to the Nelson bay area.

Bridgy n Jan took us to Tasmin bay national park, got a wee water taxi up to a great wee spot for lunch and walked back over to another beach to get the taxi back, beautiful place. The boat driver on the way up there stopped by a wee island to show us a seal creche, it was a tiny pool filled with baby seals, a new twist on shark soup. Saw a small pod of dolphins as well but the buggers dont pose for photos! What happened to flipper coming up to the boat and telling you what the special was at the local restaurant? Got pics of a couple of fins before they held their breath for a bit.

Got a nice wee 48 hr stomach bug that hit at 3 in the morning, ever the considerate houseguest I was there retchin in silence trying not to wake up wee archie in the next room. He got the bug a couple of days later – needless to say he didnt have the same consideration as I (well he’s only 18 mnths I suppose!) I was saying to suzanne “at least I didnt get it the day we had to fly out, imagine that hit when the plane was taking off?”. So suzanne gets it just in time to fly to Melbourne, makes you think though – what do you do if it hits when you are taking off? – jump out your seat and start to run up to the front of the plane, you’d get as far as row 5 before passenger 57 stands up and pops you with a ‘less than lethal’ weapon, releasing one of your own.

Will post more about Melbourne and our campervan (suggestions for names appreciated) soon.

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