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Xmas in July is a weird aussie thang where the cold weather means it must be Xmas.

Now ordinarily I would balk at the idea of celebrating another religious holiday ( without the day off work). But it’s a great excuse to get together with some mates and have another Xmas dinner!

Adelina cooked a fantastic meal and had a great day eating, drinking and talking about important yet utterly meaningless stuff.

Good times!

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No, not the 90’s all male dance troop, but the carpenter of the same name.

Today I started my furniture making course, showed the teacher my plans and it is possible after all!

Really looking forward to getting this table made, not just cos the ikea mess that it will replace is such that you walk past it and it almost collapses from the draft.

Setting myself up here but hopefully I will be brave (read ‘drunk’) enough every saturday to post a picture of the progress.

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Here’s a few pics of random things lying around my desk that will give you an idea of what we are facing here.

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And so it begins again. We both have iPhones and there is no excuse not to keep this up to date now. So expect a lot of bored musings when waiting for a tram or on a tram or… well, you get the idea.

anyway, here is a pic of the wee one.

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