Well, you can but hope…

Mick’s site has finally gone live, its been a long time in the making (Mick’s company isnt called Various by accident, only kiddin Mick) but I think it has been worth it, its got to be my favorite so far I think, have a wee look see if you want here. If you find anything wrong with it keep it to yersel!

Also Isodesigns website went live, look here to view. Iso are a talented bunch of guys and a great laugh with it.

So. Suzannes cleaning the house for the last time, I am hiding away pretending to work and puting off packing me case. All feels a bit weird, trying to write this without feeling too self consious about sounding like a pretentious twat, but hey, I am sure that there are plenty of people that will tell me I do whatever goes up here – (cameron, kev, chris etc) I’ll just edit them away anyway.

We leave Edinburger tomorrow on our wee mini tour of the west coast, round the houses saying our drunken goodbyes. I suppose it will sink in when we get on the plane and start pissing ourselves laughing at everyone else in business class who didnt have a wife with enough air miles and paid full fare (mind you if you have a spare 9 1/2 grand to buy it in the first place I dont think you would mind too much! They will when they realise they’re siting next to us tho!)

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