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G'day mate!



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caught my first tube today sir.



Well we are anywho.

Its been a while eh? How you doin? Good stuff.

Right meet n greet over n done with, whets been going on in the world of us? We are both still working away at our respective jobs, I think we have really settled in. Loving Melbourne. It is a great place to live, not so good if you are trying to loose weight (or just not put any more on!) there are more restaurants per head than anywhere else in Oz, and we are right in the heart of them all. mmmmmm japanese food is tooooo goooood.

We have met some really cool people – some through work and some through the friends of friends thang – all adding to the mix and making it a great laugh. The Weather helps now we have our first summer since 06!

Rodger, Michelle and wee Wallace are coming over next week, we have hired a couple of camper vans and we’re off from Melbourne to Adelaide from the 22nd to the 30th Dec. Xmas day on the beach – santa hat, surf, shrimp on the barbie n sun block! I cannot get my head around the whole summer xmas thang. I think the body clock has a real seasonal glitch to over, forget your jet lag, this is a severe case of season lag! I can look at the calendar at work and think “shit, I really need to get some xmas shopping done” but as soon as I look away from the date and out the window, or at my shorts that I am wearing to work that day (yeah, SHORTS AT WORK! HELLO) my brain cannot compute the whole, ‘its xmas’ thing.

Another thing about season lag (if anyone reads this), you know when it comes up to winter and your body puts on that wee bit extra weight? you know what I mean – winter fat. Well my body – still thinking its winter – is going through its usual ‘fatten up for the cold’ bit. Well that’s my excuse anyway. What happens when winter does hit? No more photos of Craig, that’s what.

Anywho, enough for now. I wont leave you with the usual morning after throw away phrase of ‘I’ll keep in touch’, instead lets just see how it goes. I’ll def put up some pictures of Rodney’s visit and new year but will be prob in Jan.

Merry xmas n aw that! I’ll leave you with a pic of a quiet night out with friends


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well hello there!

after numerous e-mails asking if we’re still alive and ever going to write a post again thought I’d stick a wee holding post up until we get round to telling you what’s been going on for the past couple of months – the joy of returning to work, the festivals, sightseeing, skiing etc….

So in the meantime here’s a wee pic from last weekend – Craig pretending he’s a character out of a tony hawks PS game – enjoy!



Reality Bite’s!

Or is it chewed, feels a bit of both.

I went back to work yesterday, and Suzanne starts her new job tomorrow. Gone are the days of waking up in our wee van to sounds of parrakeets chirping away in their rainforest paradise, the ocean majestically crashing against the reef and the thought that all we had to do that day was either go swimming amongst the turtles or travel to some other little pocket of wonder up the coast as yet unvisited.

Well. We have the sounds of the city now as our morning alarm, and new challanges and all that. The company I am working for have some really interesting work on and seem a really nice buch of people.

We have just recovered from Suz’s bro David visiting for a week, had a great laugh and went to our first AFL game in the MCG here in Melbourne, gone are the days of toilets at half time where you are trying to compete with 50 piss heads to piss in a trough 3 yards and 2 guys away! This place was a state of the art 100 thousand capacity stadium, and they served beer n shu mai!

“They look like wee guys from up here”

So we are in the start of winter here, although I walked back from work in an open jacket it is still a way away from frosty portobello mornings. Life is still pretty good, nice place to be, but waiting for the weather to get a wee bitty warmer! (and the pixar exhibition this weekend)


New hoose

Here is a link to some photo’s of our new house


my summary #5

just a wee note to say that we’ve loaded some more photee’s

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my summary #4

Finally an update, eh. We’ve been touring around in “Hercules” and haven’t had access to t’internet to put some posts up so this update covers the other half of our trip so far. Here’s a wee summary of where we’ve been since the last post…..

Australia zoo
Noosa heads
Hervey bay (not worth even talking about)
Fraser island
Agnes Waters
Mission beach
Milla millaa falls
Palm cove
Port douglas
Cape tribulation
Ellis beach

So the highlights then, well the first one has to be Craig learning to surf in Noosa Heads (or should I say “Craigo” as he was called by the instructor). Obviously with my shark paranoia I decided that surfing wasn’t for me, really didn’t fancy getting on a surf board, paddling out into the sea and looking like a piece of white bait for all the sharks. Here he is catching his first wave dude.

the kinky surfer

After that it has to be Fraser Island. The largest sand island in the world and it was absolute paradise, long sandy beaches, blue skies and sunshine. It also has possibly the largest population of wee purple crabs that come out when the tide is out and pretty much cover the whole beach for miles.

Hunners of crabs

On from there we travelled up the coast and stayed in a place called Mission Beach where we both did our first tandom sky dive. It was fecking brilliant!!!! I’d recommend it to anyone. 14000ft in the air in a tiny wee plane. Craig got a Russian called Igor and I got a Dutch guy called Marcel. Flying up in the plane I felt totally excited and then when it came to jump out the realisation kicked in, the initial shock when I first jumped out was hilarious, screaming at the top of my voice and realising that I can’t hear a thing because I’m falling through the air at about 200km per hour. Then the parachute opens and you drift down to land on the beach, totally, totally amazing.

Port Douglas – aye an ok place but I really don’t get why everyone told us it was gorgeous, amazing etc. etc. so we stayed one night and left (so much for spending our last week there). Plus the campsite owner was like a school teacher.

The next highlight I would say has to be Cape tribulation. All rainforest country and where I also met the largest spider I’ve ever seen. Yes, yes for all of you who are aware of my spider phobia please laugh away. We booked into a wee camp site on the beach and parked the van. I went to open up the back of the van and there it was – a golden orb hanging in the tree a few yards from me. Needless to say we moved to another site…..only after craig took a video of me shitting myself. There were signs everywhere warning you about Crocs but we never saw any. We took a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef which was once again an amazing experience. I’ve never seen anything like it, the coral reef looked exactly as you see on TV. Every kind of tropical fish you can think of and giant clams that were about a metre wide.


After a few days there we decided to head back to a place called Ellis beach which is in between Cape tribulation and Cairns. Very picturesque and peaceful place and we spent the last 6 days of our holiday there, so I finally got a tan – hurrah!! Our site faced onto the beach and we could step out of the van straight onto it. We meet a great couple there called Nick and Tracey and spent a good few nights drinking and fishing with them. The perfect way to end the holiday.

Ellis beach – no bad, eh

So that’s a very quick summary (although reading it, it probably doesn’t seem that brief). Our touring of the east coast has now finished and the winner of “where do we fancy settling” (for a while at least) is………Melbourne!

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Finally! More pics are up

We finally found a web cafe place that allowed us to upload more pictures to flickr

So either click on the link to the right or click below;


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my summary #3

just wait until you see the pics we’ve got with Craig cathcing a croc with Steve Irwin……..”Crikey!!!”


my summary #2

Hello again, just a quick post before we leave brisbane and head north for a wee place called Noosa Heads and Fraser Island. We’re going to Steve Irwin’s zoo on the way up so should get some cool photees of Craig hugging a Koala!

- where are all the people in brisbane? (the streets are dead and it’s the weekend)
- I still don’t have a tan (feckin rain)
- the sun has finally returned today – hurrah!!


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